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UMA .....

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UMA .....

hi all,

i like to know the use of UMA command..and for what it has been used

A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: UMA .....

Uma is a utility included with OmniBack/DataProtector that allows you to manipulate a tape library. You can do inquiries, status requests, load and unload tapes, move tapes, load and unload drives, and so forth. Man uma for details.

It should be used with caution because it can leave the omniback database in an inconsistant state. For example, if you use uma to eject a tape from a library, OB2's database is not updated as it is with the omnixxx utilities.
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Re: UMA .....

Hi Shankar,

uma - controls the robotics of SCSI-II compliant autochangers. This is a command integrated with Omniback backup software.

The uma program is a standalone utility program which can be used to control the robotics of most SCSI-II compliant autochangers, also those which are not directly supported by OmniBack II. It implements a shell-like user command interface and can be used both interactively and in batch mode.

Uma is packaged and installed as a part of OmniBack II Media Agent fileset. If you have received uma as a standalone program or if you run it on a system where OmniBack II has not been installed, the uma command is fully functional and behave as documented, but it is probably not able to locate and use OmniBack II NLS message catalog.

On HP-UX systems, uma is located in /opt/omni/lbin/ directory, and the OmniBack II NLS message catalog is located in the /opt/omni/lib/nls/C/ directory.