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URGENT: 2x20 Tape Lib Communications Problem

Craig A. Sharp
Super Advisor

URGENT: 2x20 Tape Lib Communications Problem

I have two 2x20 Surestore E tape libraries.

We are running BakBone backup software. Here is the problem

I use the mc command to manually move tapes in and out of the drives for specific applications.

On server #1, I am able to use the mc command to move tapes in and out of the drives. This works fine with the BakBone software and does not cause the software to loose communications with the library and it always shows the library online. As such, the BakBone software does not rescan the library following the mc command.

On server #2, when I try to use the mc command, the BakBone software show the library going offline and then it immediately rescans the library when the mc command is complete. This causes the tape to unload.

I need both to act like server #1 and stay online.

Both libraries are at current firmware levels.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: URGENT: 2x20 Tape Lib Communications Problem

check library #2 with LTT to see if it's library's problem or not , then compare servers' patch level. This issue could be because lack of patches (for example, cumulative SCSI patch). Check ioscan if library and drives feel well (DEVICE and CLAIMED).
BTW, to make sure if library is a cause or not you can simply swap libraries between servers... but before make sure that configurations are the same (at least to test 'bad' library connect it to 'good' server but make sure that 'bad' library is configured as 'good' one - SCSI Ids, FC settings [for fibre-channel connect] etc)
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: URGENT: 2x20 Tape Lib Communications Problem

This problem sounds very much like a SCSI bus problem may be causing a command to fail and the bus to be reset. Check the pins on both ends of all cables and the terminators. If no bent pins are found try changing terminators first then try the other cables and the HBA.

Your message doesn't say but your OS should have a way to check and see if there have been bus faults. Post what OS you are using and we can provide the instructions for how to look for a bus fault.