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USB Dat Drive not visible in SQL Server

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USB Dat Drive not visible in SQL Server


We have a windows 2003 server which has an HP USB DAT72 drive attached using version of the driver.

The drive can be backed up to and restored from using windows backup, and is visable in device manager but it is not visable to SQLServer 2005 so I cannot add it as a new backup device.

Any suggestions as to why this may happen or a solution to the problem?

The server has been rebooted since the drive was attached.

Many thanks

Jaclyn Rothe
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Re: USB Dat Drive not visible in SQL Server

USB Tpae drives are not USB removable devices. You will only ever see them in Device Manager, and need a backup software to backup to the device.

What I understand youa re trying to do, is use SQLServer 2005 to move data to a tape like a floppy disk or USB storage device (jump drive).

If this is the case, it won't work that way.