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Ultirum LTO 3 tape's serial number.

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Ultirum LTO 3 tape's serial number.



I am using Ultrium LTO 3 tapes for backup with MSL 2024 library on RHEL 5 . How can I find the serial number of tape which 'm using?

Thanks in Advance.



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Ultirum LTO 3 tape's serial number.

Hi, do you want to find the serial number of a tape (cartridge?)?


HP's Library and Tape Tools is a good tool to diagnose and get some information about the library.


Re: Ultirum LTO 3 tape's serial number.



The tape cartridges will have a label with bar codes and the details. However it will not show exact serial number.



nnnnnn is the volume serial number (when color coded, it is called volser). The volume serial number must be exactly six alphanumeric (A–Z, 0–9) characters.


• XY is the media ID. These must be alphanumeric.


For eg:


LTO cleaning cartridge: CLNvnnXY



• CLN denotes that this is a cleaning cartridge.

• v is the drive type (drive manufacturer or universal) (Alpha only A–Z).

• nn is the volume serial number (numeric only 0–9).

• XY is the media ID (or volid = volume ID).



You may also refer page 11 in below link:



Renji V


I am an HP employee.

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Re: Ultirum LTO 3 tape's serial number.

The tape's serial is stored in the memory of the cartridge (LTO-CM). I know LTT can read it, maybe some backup applications can do this too - but IMHO you don't need this - you have the code on the barcode.

Hope this helps!

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