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Ultrium 2 460: "Backup device error"

Frequent Advisor

Ultrium 2 460: "Backup device error"

Hi there,

I am having problems with an external Ultrium2 460 DLT drive. It is connected to an LSI Logic U320 SCSI card in a DL380G3 server. We have windows 2003 server installed on to it and we are using ntbackup for our daily backups.

The drive was working fine till it started to fail the catalog of a successful backup of the previous night. The error reported by ntbackup is â Backup device errorâ .

We have tried the same tape on to a different drive which gave us the same error. We changed the media and still got the same error. I have checked for any driver upgrade but it seems that I have the latest drivers both of the SCSI controller and of the U2 drive. I have also check the firmware of the drive with LTT and it is the latest too.

I have tested the drive with LTT and with the tapeperf and the results where pretty good on the transfer rate.
I am really confused now since as what regards the tape drive it seems that it is working fine but still intermittently it is giving this error.

Hope u have any suggestions.


Jan de Vries

Re: Ultrium 2 460: "Backup device error"

Hello Pierre,

Please create a support ticket with LTT after a test with the media still in the drive, mail it to me and i can have a look.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Ultrium 2 460: "Backup device error"

thanks Arned,

i have sent u an e-mail with the support ticket.

thanks for your help