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Ultrium 215 firmware

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Ultrium 215 firmware

I have a C7377. The firmware says Qualstar I believe. I am running Windows7-64bit, Intel 9300 with 8GB, Adaptec 29160 firmware3.1-latest.The drive has been working fine. I use NovaStore V13. My throughput is very low 6MB/s. Have been trying to figure out why. I have HP LTO driver V1.0.6.3. I went to HP


I downloaded the latest firmware exe file and ran it. Will not update drive.

Which shows firmware version3.7 recommended. When I download and extract, in the 'fwimage' directory there is a file labeled firmware.cfg. When I open it up model 215 is not on the list. I have tried running HP LTT tool. It says there is no firmware for my drive. Was running LTT 4.13. Installed 4.14. Still same issue. The LTT tool will test drive to some extent. LTT tool also has issue, cannot maximize screen. 


Would like to get drive firmware to latest. I know it is an older drive, but I hope HP will still support. Also, who do I advised the LTT tool has issues, not sure if it is with windows7 for my display driver (NVidia gt560).

Thanks in advance for any help.