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Ultrium 215 moved from Win2k to Solaris 8

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Ultrium 215 moved from Win2k to Solaris 8

I recently attempted to move an external Surestor Ultrium 215 LTO drive from a Win2k Server to a Sun Solaris 8 Server...without success.

I have attempted rebooting to pick up the new SCSI device, prayer, begging, pleading, scanning Sun and HP sites for solutions... I did notice some talk of firmware revisions causing these types of issues... any help is appreciated.
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Re: Ultrium 215 moved from Win2k to Solaris 8


First, do you see the tape drive in the poll during POST scan of SCSI devices?
If not, check the SCSI cable connections. Make sure the LED in the back of the drive is lit showing termination.


Did you have a tape drive attached to your Solaris server prior to attaching the Ultrium?

If so, you need to delete the drive links from /dev/rmt

If the Ultrium is your only drive attached to the server then delete the devices in the directory. ( i.e., rm 1* )

Then do a touch .reconfigure or when you boot up next time boot with b -rs.

When the boot process rebuilds the devices, bring the server into multi-user mode.

now test the link with a tape loaded in the drive...

mt -f /dev/rmt/1cn status

Do you see it now?

Let us know? -john
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Re: Ultrium 215 moved from Win2k to Solaris 8

It worked!
Thank you very much for your assistance =)