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Ultrium 215e and win2k problem

J Sutton_1
Occasional Visitor

Ultrium 215e and win2k problem

Having serious issues with an lh6000r running windows 2000 server and using an Ultrium 215 tape drive connected via an adaptec SCSI card.

Tape drive slows and led flashes. Backup software unable to communicate with the device (Retrospect), sometimes results in blue screen. Seems to occur when a tape is ejecting (or trying to).

Anyone come across this?
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium 215e and win2k problem

the Ultium drives are hight end devices, and need to have a hight and constant streaming of data, if your server cannot deliver data enought to fill the buffer, this can cause a slow backup and some other issues.
The best think to do is to check the drive with LTT, the HP diagnostic for tape device, this tool will read in the ultrium logs to check the parameter and also let you perform som test.
another usefull tool for checking performance problem is PAT (Performance Assesment Tool), it will calculate the data that the server can deliver to the scsi card without interesting the hardware, usefull to see if the problem is related to the fragmentation off the hdd or some server related problem.
another thing to chek is if you are performing local backup or through the lan, in these case, check for lan performance.
Be aso sure to have deactivate the "Removable Storage"Services, it could interfere with your backup software