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Ultrium 230 Drive backup problem

Ultrium 230 Drive backup problem

Hello Experts,

I have connected Ultrium 230 (LTO1)External Drive to Ultra2 SCSI Controller of ML 570 Server. While Taking the Backup it Writes only the Half Media(i.e. 50 Gb) then prompts for Mount request. I have taken several backup using new media in NTBACKUP(Native) & Hp open view Data Protector. Same thing is Happening.

Can any please Suggest me ?? What could be issue or is there any known issue related to LTO1 Drive.

Thanks & Regards
Edwin P
Satish M.S.
Valued Contributor

Re: Ultrium 230 Drive backup problem


Couple of things to begin with.Run the Media Analysis Test from L&TT to determine the integeity of the tapes as such.

Next run a read/write test to see if the hardware compression is enabled or not

Also could kindly let us know the nature of data that is currently backed up. If the files are *.zip etc... may end up resulting in an negative compression.

Also, run a Drive Assessment test to validate the functionality of the drive as such. If possible do post the support ticket



Re: Ultrium 230 Drive backup problem

Hi Satish,
Thanks for Your Reply. We have checked on multiple new media's & We have Changed the Ultrium Drive Also. Still we are facing the same issue.

Concerning the data type, we are taking the backup of Image server, all the files are *.GIF files(i.e. 50MB). We have taken backup of the same data through network in a Different Ultrium drive(Through omni Backup) which is successful.

We Have created dump data using L&TT Utillity & taken native Backup which is successful. But when we fire the backup of the data problem occures.

Is there anything related to compatibillity between Ultra2 controller & Ultrium 2 Drive.

Thanks & Regards
Edwin P