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Ultrium 230 & HP site

Occasional Contributor

Ultrium 230 & HP site

Can you please advice me how to download (where) the latest firmware? I am messing around to find the file, but no results (last 2hrs)

The structure of U230 pages (if you need s.t.) is quite STUPID or I am absolute ignorant person. (I cannot use LTT tool for download - I am having NW6 servers..)

Thanks a lot in advance.
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium 230 & HP site

Your options for updating a Ultrium230 drive are LTT and a firmware update tape. To make a firmware update tape, you will need a drive connected to an LTT-supported host.

LTT does run on Netware 6, so that is the recommended solution.

For some reason, the firmware files are not listed under the "download software and drivers" section for netware. However, you can grab the fimware file from the win2000 section:
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