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Ultrium 230 rack options

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Chris Watson
Super Advisor

Ultrium 230 rack options

I want to get a Ultrium 230, and at the moment I have a racked L1000 with a smart rack unit (fitted with a dds3 drive).

I can not find out what the options are to get a SINGLE ultrium drive mounted in a rack.

Could anyone advise me please?



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harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium 230 rack options

I think you need a shelf for your rack to put the tape drive on....yuk!!!

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David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium 230 rack options

The HP SureStore TapeArray 5300 or 5500 will support a rack mount Ultrium 230 tape drive.

C7508A HP SureStore Tape Array 5300 supports up to TWO Ultrium 230 tape drive modules OR FOUR Ultrium 215 tape drive modules. It ALSO supports a DVD ROM module, DAT24, DAT40 and DLTVS80 modules. They can be mixed with the Ultrium 230 if required. There are FOUR half-height slots or TWO full-height slots. There are independent 68 pin high density SCSI connectors for each slot. The modules are: C7470A Ultrium 230 module (full height), C7492A Ultrium 215 module (1/2 height), C7499A DVD-ROM, and C7507A DLTVS80 module (1/2 height).

C1354A HP SureStore tape Array 5500 supports up to FIVE Ultrium 230 and/or DLT80 modules. It does NOT support Ultrium 215, DLTVS80, DVD-ROM, DAT24, or DAT40 modules. The module are: C7456A DLT80 module. The Tape Array 5500 uses 68pin VHDCI connectors.

SCSI cables of the appropriate type must be ordered separately as do SCSI terminators.
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