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Ultrium 230 removable storage Windows 2000

Occasional Contributor

Ultrium 230 removable storage Windows 2000

I have a customer trying to connect an Ultrium 230 to an SCSI Agilent Technologies D8602B set to Fabric (initasnport=1) and a Brocade SilkWorm 2800 .
The server is using Windows 2000 SP2 and is using the Windows 2000 driver downloaded from HP site.
The tape drive is recognized in Device Manager but not in Removable Storage or in NTBackup. Is there an additional configuration we're missing?
Thank you.
Dan Moesch

Re: Ultrium 230 removable storage Windows 2000

Is the SCSI adapter detected in Windows? Tape drives can be discovered and show up as functional but won't work even if the scsi card the drive is attached to isn't installed properly (i.e.- wrong drivers, no drivers etc)

I would check to make sure the SCSI card is working properly, and then troubleshoot the tape drive.
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Re: Ultrium 230 removable storage Windows 2000

Thank you Dan

The SCSI card is working correctly, they ran diagnostics with a tool that update the firmware of tape device, and it didn't show any problem, and if they install another application this can manipulate the device tape fine.
Joao Nascimento_1
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Re: Ultrium 230 removable storage Windows 2000

It's happenning the same to me. Is there a solution?

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Re: Ultrium 230 removable storage Windows 2000

Me too.

In the Device Manager the drive shows up as Ultrium but under Media Changers the tape library is shown as Unrecognized.

Backup Exec runs fine but RSM does not find any usable media.

Ron Sutton

Re: Ultrium 230 removable storage Windows 2000

Using NT Backup and RSM with the HP C7200 and C7145 tape libraries with HP LTO tape drive

1. In Explorer, tools-folder options-view, select show hidden files and folders
2. Go to c:\winnt\inf
3. page down and find the files: oemx.inf, where x is 0 to 9, Using a test editor open each
oemx.inf until you find the one internally labelled mchgr.inf.
4. Then delete this oemx.inf file and its counterpart PNFx.inf file.
5. Then in the same subdirectory, find the file called mchgr.inf, and with a test editor page
down into the file (about half way) and find:
; HP manufacturer device list and in the list are these two lines
(if no lines, add to end of list) :

%HPMC.DLT.DeviceDesc% = HPMC_Inst, SCSI\ChangerHP______C7200-8000______
%HPMC.DLT.DeviceDesc% = HPMC_Inst, SCSI\ChangerHP______C7145-8000______

6. Added these two lines right after them:
%HPMC.LTO.DeviceDesc% = HPMC_Inst, SCSI\ChangerHP______C7145___________
%HPMC.LTO.DeviceDesc% = HPMC_Inst, SCSI\ChangerHP______C7200___________

7. reboot

8. In Device Manager under Medium Changers, HP DLT Library, right click and re-install the
C:\winnt\system32\hpmc.sys driver.

Support for the C7145 will be in .NET, for the C7200 use these same procedures.

Note: If you want the library to be called HP LTO Library that can be done in the mchgr.inf file too.
But that is beyond this note.