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Ultrium 232 Drivers

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Ultrium 232 Drivers

I am trying to install an internal ultrium 232 tape drive into a HP StorageWorks Rack-Mount Kit which already has a ultrium 215 installed in the other space

I am trying to attach the tape device to a DL380 but the server does not see the tape device at all. The disk that came doesn't seem to have a setup option on it, the only choice is through device manager, which doesn't see it

As far as I can tell there is no scsi conflict, I am using the default 3, and the disks on the array controller seem to use 0,2 & 4. The array controller is a Smart Array 6i

I can't find an installation program on the HP support site

Any ideas?
Satish M.S.
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Re: Ultrium 232 Drivers

Hi Mark:

* External SCSI cables are not included with 1U Rack-Mount Kits. You will have to select the appropriate cable option.

* Assuming that you have a DL380 G4, the DL380 G4 does not have a suitable integrated SCSI controller for connecting the HP StorageWorks Ultrium 232

For more info:

* Apart from this, have you tried to see if the drive is claimed or seen at the POST itself?. I am not too sure how helpful it will be to install the drivers if the drive itself is not seen in the Device Manager. Without the drivers installed, Device Manager will see the drive as "unknown drive" or will have "!" next to the description of the unknown device.

* Also, are you trying to daisy chain the Ultrium 215 and the 232? If so, it is not a recommended configuration because it may cause the drives to fall off the SCSI chain.

I hope this helps...