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Ultrium 232 connection possibilities

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Ultrium 232 connection possibilities

i have started to work with proliant ml350 G5 tower server but when i am trying to connect the tape drive to the mother board i can't find port that can support the connector cable. so please help me if there is any possibility to connect my drive.
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Re: Ultrium 232 connection possibilities

I am going to assume that the drive is a parallel SCSI (pSCSI) drive. If so, you need a SCSI controller. Please see to be able to find compatible HBAs for any server/drive combination.

From that page, you can find that compatible controllers are:
412911-B21 - HP SC11Xe PCIe Ultra320 SCSI HBA (Internal/External)
374654-B21 - HP Single Channel Ultra320 SCSI PCI-X HBA G2

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