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Ultrium 3 Fails to be recognised
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Ultrium 3 Fails to be recognised

I have an Ultrium 3 960 external drive which fails to be recognised by Windows 2003 server.
The windows "Removable Storage" service constantly goes into a disabled state and any scheduled backup fail due to this. if I start the service and run a backup all is ok but a short while after its finished, it goes back to disabled. A previous DLT drive never had this issue - its only since installing the ultrium 3 drive. Has anyone any clues as to how to keep the service active please?
Jesus Fdez.
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Re: Ultrium 3 Fails to be recognised


What backup software you use?

Jesus Fdez
Pablo CR
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Re: Ultrium 3 Fails to be recognised

Hi John check if the cable has any bent pins also you need to plug it into the "IN" connector the one on the bottom, you also need to make sure your tape drive its not set on SCSI ID 7 and look at the back of the drive the auto termination LED should be solid green you need an U320 HBA this link will help you out
also was this working before ?