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Ultrium 3-SCSI (920) tape full problem

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Ultrium 3-SCSI (920) tape full problem

Pls. can any body render help. Our HP Ultrium 920 SCSI keep labelling a tape of 400/800GB full when it has written only about 14GB or 23MB.
I have tried to upgrade the libray driver and firmware.

What else should we do to resolve this problem.

We are running Windows 2003 SP2 on HP proliant DL380 G4.

The library formware is now 4.40/2.70e
The LTO 3-SCSI drive firmware is D22W.

I have also tried to upgrade the firmware on this drives but I can't tell if it was successful or not as the firmware level did not change.
Curtis Ballard
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Re: Ultrium 3-SCSI (920) tape full problem

Have you tried downloading L&TT ( and running the device assessment test on that drive?
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Re: Ultrium 3-SCSI (920) tape full problem

We already have L&TT Ver. 4.6 on the server.
I have run the accesment test on the drives and the library and the result shows that there is no problem with the drives and the library.

Analysis Results
'version: V11.06.2008'
'Firmware rev D22W is up-to-date for Ultrium 3-SCSI as of Fri Mar 2 19:00:00 2007.'
'There were 19 rules checked.'

'Device Analysis has checked the fault logs. No problems were found and the drive is good.'"

Do you think downloading the L&TT Ver. 4.7 can be of help.

Please note that when i tried to upgrade the drives firmware I extracted the file and saw only the firmware images. Do you know how I can apply the tape drive firmwares as I have tried the L&TT and the DOS mode but cannot tell if the firmware has been applied or not.

Also please can anybody tell me the latest firmware update for Ultrium 920 (LT0 3)
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Re: Ultrium 3-SCSI (920) tape full problem

Sorry for the late reply -- I hope that your problem has been resolved by now, but if not, I am answering your second post.

I don't know what the firmware for that drive is without knowing which library it is in. The two are tied together (and in fact, it would be bad to put standalone drive firmware on a library drive -- and the standard tools do prevent this).

The best way to upgrade firmware is to use Library and Tape Tools. Run L&TT, select the library, and go to the Firmware tab. Select your library and its drive(s), then let L&TT get the most recent firmware from the web and download it to your server. Installing the firmware is a second step. You should be able to tell that it has completed with a confirmation box.
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