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Re: Ultrium 448 Compression disabled

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Ultrium 448 Compression disabled

I have an ultrium 448 SAS internal drive installed on a ML350 G6. I run backupexec and there is no hardware compression. I have checked with tape tools and is shows hardware compression is off.

I have also looked at the driver and it shows the compression is off. I though maybe backupexec was turning it off so I disabled all the services and restarted but it still shows as compression being off.

How can I enable compression on this drive?
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Re: Ultrium 448 Compression disabled


Enabling compression through tape tools

1. Initalize tape tools
2. Perform hardware scan
3. Select the drive (Ultrium 448)
4. Click on 'Utility' icon in LTT's (tape tools) UI
5. Select 'Drive Configuration Utility' from the drop down box
6. Click on 'Options' button
7. Select 'Enabled' option for Drive compression setting in the new dialog box.
8. Close the dialog box opened
9. Click on the 'Start' button

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