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Ultrium 448 Tape Issue

Donald N
Occasional Visitor

Ultrium 448 Tape Issue

I am not sure if this posted for me I haven't seen it in the tape forums and I could have swore I posted it here so my apologies if it is a double post.

Kinda trying to figure this one out but I am baffled. Here is a quick info on my setup. I have 2 Ultrium 448 LTO tape drives in a 1U rack mounted unit. One is connected to our Exchange Server 2003 and the other to a Windows Server 2003 for business data backup and whatnot. I will call a tape on our Exchange server Exchange Tape and our other server Backup Tape. Tapes Monday-Thursday back-up changes and Friday does a full backup. So my tapes are Exchange Mon-Thurs, Friday1-3, Month 1-3 and I have a spare tape called Exchange Spare in case we get a bad tape. This is how it is for both tape devices. I am using BackupExec 10.0 currently for both servers.

Recently whenever I put a tape from the Exchange series of tapes into the Exchange tape drive unit, even my spare tape, I insert it and after a little while of making clicking noises it ejects the tape and the tape light flashes. If I insert a tape from my Backup series of tapes it works fine. I put an Exchange tape in the Backup designated tape drive and it ejects it and the tape light flashes. I can understand a single tape getting corrupted or faulting out but a whole set of 10 tapes and 1 Spare all doing this leads me to wonder. I did put a Backup designated tape into the Exchange tape drive and it loaded fine and then I put it back into Backup tape drive and it still loaded fine so I don't think the Exchange Drive unit is making any tape I put into it go bad.

Any ideas or suggestions?
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium 448 Tape Issue

I think the way to go is to use Library and Tape Tools, this tool allow you to collect data from the drive, and allow you to run tests.

if you do not found the reason with the tests, create a support ticket witht the "bad tape" loaded if possible, or just ejected if this is done automaticaly, and attach it here, we can give a look