Ultrium 448

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Ultrium 448

My Ultrium 448 will not accept any tapes. If I try to put in a tape it goes in apx 3/4 of the way and then will go no further. I have rebooted my server.

Any ideas
Richard Bickers
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Re: Ultrium 448

Sounds like some sort of mechanical interference. Did you have trouble previously removing a tape? Perhaps something got dislodged on the way out.

If you've tried different tapes already you may be stuck. Do check for tape cartridge damage. A dropped cartridge can look OK but is likely to be damaged - bent or dislodged components.

Try pulling a Library and Tape Tools support ticket and see if there are any mechanical/tape warnings under drive health section. If you need help interpreting then post here and we'll take a look.

My fear is your options are limited.
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