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Re: Ultrium 460 Tape Load problem

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Ultrium 460 Tape Load problem

My system experienced a power failure during a data restore operation. Subsequently, the drive would not eject the tape, and I tried all the usual stuff, eject button, reset button, power cycle etc. all to no avail.
Subsequently I removed the drive, and turned the thumbwheel on the side of the drive to manually remove the tape, which was quite easy.
However, upon inspecting the tape itself, I noticed the leader was damaged, although it came out fine, and the loading pin was still attached to the tape, although it was inside the cartridge, not at the loading position for the cartridge.
Now when I install any tape, the tape loads into the drive, makes a couple attempts to draw the tape out of the cartridge, fails and shows an error code on the front of the drive. If I use a cleaning cartridge, it loads into the drive, but again the tape doesn't come out of the cartridge, no error shows, but the cleaning tape will not eject either, so it's back to the thumbwheel. Both the drive and tapes have extreemly low usage, so I don't think wear is an issue, but am mystified about: 1. How can I fix this? 2. Can something as ordinary as a power failure cause the drive to break? Keep in mind I am using this at home, not a data center, so a power failure isn't inconceivable. I do have it on a UPS, but the batteries don't work forever, and I have automatic backups running. Additionally there isn't (as far as I am aware) a way to automatically shut the drive down gracefully in the event of an impending power failure when it is operating. Attached is the log from L&TT.


Mike Dolan
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Re: Ultrium 460 Tape Load problem

Hi Mike,

very nice troubleshooting :) ,

unfortunately i must advice You to replace on the warranty this tape drive, which I hope answers Your first question. The second one i will answer very short: Yes a blackout can damage the drive in this way and yes, unfortunately there is no mechanism which can shut down a tape drive gracefully - you are correct