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Re: Ultrium 920 Tape error

Ivan Nikolaev
New Member

Ultrium 920 Tape error

I have Ultrium 920 SAS (SA P400) inserted into ML370G5 with Netware 6.5 SP7.
The TAPE led is flashing continuously.
Only server reboot solves the problem. After reboot 2-3 backup jobs complete successfully, and error comes again.

Could you suggest something? I am not able to run any diagnostic software under netware
Ivan Nikolaev
New Member

Re: Ultrium 920 Tape error

I have contacted HP instant chat.
They suggest to run LT&T and upgrade firmware.
I wrongly supposed that LT&T is not available under Netware.

I upgraded firmware and perform test.
Here is support ticket generated
Efrain Valencia
Valued Contributor

Re: Ultrium 920 Tape error

Hello Ivan,

It appears as if the tape LED is being triggered by inserting a FUP (Firmware Update) Tape, probably with an old version of firmware.

I would check which of the cartridges if giving you the symptom and remove it.

The other thing I was cheking is that this specific configuration is not currently supported by HP

As you can see the ML370G5 + The SAS Drive is OK, but Netware is marked as not supported. But well... I don't think it is the reason for the error, the logs clearly point to a cartridge

Hope this helped.
Ivan Nikolaev
New Member

Re: Ultrium 920 Tape error

Hello Efrain,

Thanks for your time.

Yes, software states that it is FUP tape, but it is regular tape.

HP engineer told me that possibly device damage tape somehow and replaced the drive.

So the problem is solved for time being