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Ultrium 920 not detected

Kamaldeep Clair
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Ultrium 920 not detected

We have a Proliant ML350 G5 with Smart array P400 SAS card. There are six HDD drives installed in the cage. We have installed an Ultrium 920 SAS drive with cable that came with drive that allows tape drive to share one of the ports from the P400 card. But Tape drive is not detected in POST. I have tried changing cables etc but unsuccessful. It looks like SAS card does detect tape drive but it is not shown in the POST or P400 array utility. When you install a HDD in Port 8 of the cage, the front LED of the HDD in red.

Re: Ultrium 920 not detected

Does the tape drive shows up in the Operating System?

Your ML350 G5 has 8 ports for HDD, meaning you have 2 bays for 4 HDD each. The P400 has 2 ports, meaning you have 1 connected to first bay of 4 HDD, and the other using HP supplied split cable connected to the second bay with 2 HDD (making total of 6 HDD), and the other connector of split cable to internal 920 SAS tape drive. If you connect a HDD to port 8, it could give you red led on HDD since tape drive is connected. Remember that with this setup, if you were to have 8 HDD installed and is connecting tape drive you would loose one of your HDD (number 8) cause it need to assign the ID to the tape drive or the HDD.

Try removing the connector from second bay, meaning only to have 4 HDD installed and using the split cable with only the tape drive. If tape drive still doesn't show on POST then I suggest you contact your local HP Support team.
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