Ultrium 920

Mark R Bradley
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Ultrium 920

We have an ultrium 920 device. It has been working for a while okay however the other day we found that it was no longer backing up to tape. We noticed that the device seemed to have lost its drivers. We then downloaded the latest drive from your site.

Once installed we were able to see the device however now the device does not write to tape. It knows there is media in the tape but never writes this to disk.

Any suggestions.

PS We are using retrospect to do the backup.
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Re: Ultrium 920

From a hardware point of view.
Download Library and Tape tools.

Install it.
Stop all services for the backup application.
Run L&TT (Must have exclusive right to the drive)
Test the drive using a brand new or at know good tape.

If the drive pass the assesment test it is most likely ok.

Beware Know good tape, may prove to be unknown bad.

And id the drive is in a failure mode for any reason, it must be power cycled to be restartet. A server reboot will not clear from failure mode.


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