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Ultrium 920e - Adaptec 29160

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Ultrium 920e - Adaptec 29160


I am planning to buy an Ultrium 920e.

Even if this tape drive has an Ultra 320 SCSI interface - can I still connect it to an Adaptec 29160 HBA (with U160) without problems?

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Re: Ultrium 920e - Adaptec 29160

We have Various types of tape drives and constantly do what you are trying to accomplish. The drive just slows down to the maximum the adapter will support. I do know of one exception and it had to do w/a backup application not supporting the Adapter. You may want to verify with the vendor of your backup software if the 29160 is approved for the version you are using.

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Re: Ultrium 920e - Adaptec 29160

More frequently the conflicts the Adaptec 160 model SCSI cards are due to the server chipsets.

Most Clone, IBM and Dell serves work well with the Adpatec 29160. Hoever if it is a COmpaq or HP server I would recommend the appropriate SCSI card for that server.

For information on NON-HP Serves and SCSI cards:

For other server types please choose from the following link: