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Ultrium 960-Learning of tapes

James JJ
Occasional Contributor

Ultrium 960-Learning of tapes

Hi guys,

The autolibrary i have contains 8 slots, with slot 1-6 for mon to sat and monthly backup on the last sun of the month in slot7.

Slot 8 is the cleaning tape.

The thing is, i notice the library will run the backup for mon-sat on slot1-6(as expected.) However the next mon, it will run on slot 7, which i plan for use only on the last sun of the month.

I have set the schedule to backup on the last sunday in Veritas Backup Exec but the library will treat slot 7 as any other normal backup, not a last sun.

How do i "teach" the library to use slot1-6 for mon to sat backups and use only slot 7 on last sun? Or is there a way for the library to identify the correct tape to use for the backup?

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium 960-Learning of tapes

Hi James,

You wouldn't normally "teach" a library.

It will be using whatever slots have been configured in Backup Exec.


Wei Jung
Trusted Contributor

Re: Ultrium 960-Learning of tapes

Hi James, which autoloader do you have in there, I will suppose it's a 1/8 autoloader.
Well, the normal 1/8 autoloader doesn't have barcode reader, so you won't be able to do it from the device itselft.
If you have the 1/8 G2 autoloader, this model does have barcode reader and therefore you can reserve slots for the cleaning cartridge and from the webpage from the autoloader, you can enable the autoclean option.

I wouldn't know if there is an option to do it with the backup software, if it's the 1/8 autoloader I would think that it's not possible, maybe for the G2 one.