Ultrium Drives

John Virtue
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Ultrium Drives

I use an Ultrium 230 Tape drive.

I am seeing the alternating LED's flashing, suggesting a firmware error.
However, I cannot find firmware for this drive.
The drive indicates firmware v E37U/OEM8 is installed.
Could you help out please, as the drive is unuseable.
Rajat Bhargava

Re: Ultrium Drives

Hello John,
You could download a software for upgrading the firmware of the tape drive. This is available at http://www.hp.com/support/tapetools

Run the file meant for your operating system. The software, if the server is connected to the net, will alert you if a new version of the firmware is available.
I am an HPE Employee
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Re: Ultrium Drives


As per the support ticket attatched, there is no problem with the drive except that your SCSI is running at "Narrow bus" instead of recommanded "Wide bus" which will improve your performance. If you are not finding any newer vertion of the firmare you can try re-installing same version of the firmware.


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Derek Atherton
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Re: Ultrium Drives

Here's a tip that works with LTO1's

Cycle the power to the drive to get it back up. Then try a brand new tape just to prove that the drive is ok.

If this works then the fault is caused by a data stream that is written to the problem tape.

Download a copy of xTalk from Quantum.

Insert the tape that is causing the LED's to flash in alternate pairs.

Run Xtalk and run a quick write/read.

Now your drive should work again with that tape.