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Ultrium LTO 3 1/8 autoloader

Stephen Burden
Occasional Visitor

Ultrium LTO 3 1/8 autoloader


I work for a small business and we currently use an HP ultrium LTO 3 1/8 autoloader and Symantec backup exec 10d as our backup solution.

We are having an issue where the backup job will fail to run unless we manually scan the drives after a new tape has been loaded. If we forget to do this we will get ‘insert media’ alerts until a scan or inventory is run.

I’m not sure if this is more of a Symantec issue or with the drive itself but any input would be appreciated.

Gilles Cadrin
Trusted Contributor

Re: Ultrium LTO 3 1/8 autoloader


I'm more use with HP's Data Protector, But by changing the media, The backup software is not aware of that .. In Data Protector we have an option to rescan each time a backup job starts .. Wich is a Complete wais of time ... If you replace tapes often, look for a library with a Barcode Scanner .. A barcode scan takles roughly less then 30 seconds to inventory the tapes inside the autoloader.

Best regards

Satish M.S.
Valued Contributor

Re: Ultrium LTO 3 1/8 autoloader


From the description of the issue with the 1/8 Ultrium 960 autoloader, I think the autoloader is set to a sequential mode. When you have a backup application running, the idea is to ensure the backup software is in full control of the hardware unit itself so that it can decide/devise the backup pool. Kindly change the autoloader mode to random. This can be done via the front panel of the autoloader:
The menu path:
Home screen --> Configuration --> Circular Mode = OFF/disabled and Autload Mode = OFF/disabled

Following this, rediscover the autoloader, i.e. the medium changer and the drive in backup exec.

Note: The 1/8 autoloader does not come with a barcode reader mount to the changer.

Trust this is of some help