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Ultrium SCSI compatibility

Park Wiker
Occasional Visitor

Ultrium SCSI compatibility

I have 2 Ultrium 230's in a tape array 5500. One drive connected to a compaq 3000 with an ultra wide scsi II interface. Works fine. Very fast.

The other I have attempted to connect to a DL360 with ultra160 controller (tape drive only port). The drive is not even showing up in the scan of SCSI devices. There are not a whole lot of adjustments you can make in the on-board controller on the compaq. Therefore, I attempted to connect it to a DL380 with the same setup. Not recognized. If I remove the integrated array module from the server, I have a setting that can be changed for negotiation from Auto to SCSI II or SCSI I. Switched to SCSI II and the device shows up. So I think that it is a limitation in the built in SCSI card on the 360 and 380. I purchase an Adaptec 39160. The tape drive is not recognized on this either. I work with adaptec and make settings changes from 160 wide all the way to narrow async ( i tried 2 different 39160's mixed and matched with different servers/pc's). disconnect on/off etc etc. No change. Tape drive is still not recognized in the BIOS scan (or the operating system of course). By this time I am thinking that maybe the drive is bad. I daisychain the second drive to the first and reboot the compaq 3000. Both drives are seen and work. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that there is a Problem with the drives that does not allow them to communicate on any "newer" SCSI card.

Question: Why? and what is the solution? Using out of production SCSI cards is not acceptable.
Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: Ultrium SCSI compatibility

Hi there.
If you install two SCSI interfaces, try to disable the BIOS on one of them.
Alexander M. Ermes
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