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Unable To See Drives

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Unable To See Drives


We have an ML370G2 with a 5302/64 array controller. We have a TL891DLX with one drive and it ishooked up to the integrated SCSI controller (64bit-66MHz U3W controller). In Win2K server, the library is detected and the driver is installed, however, the tape drive does not appear at all in the device manager. The autoloader is on SCSI ID 2 and the drive is on 3. There are no other devices on this controller. We were wondering if anyone else is having these issues, or how others have configured their systems.

The only strange thing is that we are using part number 313375-002 instead of 341177-B21. Our reseller shipped us the wrong part, and we won't get the B21 cable till Monday. I was also wondering if any one knows whether or not the 002 cable would cause these problems,


Khalid Eidoo