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Unable to see library unit

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Unable to see library unit

I am trying to install a TL891dlx but am unable to see the library id.
Both DLT drives are visable after loading adtp160m.ham. Arc serve 7 also reports that it cant see the library during the changer option install.
Also during the server post no scsi devices are displayed is this correct ?

Have tried the following:
* reset the library scsi ID to 1, first dot to id2, second dot to id3.
* checked that the library is set to master and not slave.
* reset to defaults
* disabled onbourd compaq scsi controller

Config is:
Proliant 5000
TL891dlx with 2 x dlt 8000's firmware 5.19
Dual 68 pin vhdc1 adapter
compaq dual 68pin vhdci cable

Thanks in advance for your help