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Unknown Device in STM

Roland Klak
Occasional Contributor

Unknown Device in STM

I'm using a A4846A 4 x DLT7000 Library on a N4000.
A drive has been swapped after a drive failure.
The drive was not even listed in the config anymore.

The Lib. works fine with the new drive:

ioscan can see the drive
omniback can see it
SAM can see it
the backup works fine

STM shows the drive to me as unknown.
I can't get the problem solved with "stm -m".
The firmware of the drive is at the same level as the others because the drive has been tested in a another A4846A library before.
Turning the library on and off does not help.

I also swapped the new one with an another new one. Same problem. Does anyone know a solution for it?
Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: Unknown Device in STM


Have you initiated a remap of the system?

What are the chances...
Roland Klak
Occasional Contributor

Re: Unknown Device in STM

Yes I did, but it did not solve the problem at the first time.

But here what had happend later last night:

I had a OmniBack backup running on that drive and reinitiated (by misetake) the HW while the backup was running.

It told me Incomplete with some errors (of course), but it could see it.
I rechecked after the backup and voila, the drive was there.
Verry strange.
I have no explanation for that.