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Unrecognised 1760 SAS

Brian Mallett
New Member

Unrecognised 1760 SAS

I have the HP SC44ge card and the above ultrium external tape drive in a DL320 Server.
The server is built ok, all raid arrays are okay and as far as the server is concerned, no problems. All lights are green, all cables connected okay. Backup exec 11d and protector express cannot see the drive. HP L&TT cannot see the ultrium. All device drivers, patches and updates installed. All cables checked and double checked fine. I have no hair to tear out so any idea's before I launch it from the comms room !!
Rothery Harris
Trusted Contributor

Re: Unrecognised 1760 SAS

You need to watch the boot text. As the server boots the SAS card should scan for devices. The is a separate HBA so the RAID operation is not of concern. It is feasible you have a faulty HBA or cable so if you can substitute either it may help. I don't think there are any HBA settings which prevent.
Otherwise you have a faulty tape drive.