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Unwanted tape ejection on Surestore 24 - C1555D

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Unwanted tape ejection on Surestore 24 - C1555D

I would like to know if somebody can help me to understand what could be the cause of the unexpected tape ejection on my HP Surestore 24 with DDS3 tapes (HP C1555D recognized by LTT as C1537A). I usually schedule an overnight backup (SW: Orlogix Backup My PC) but sometimes the task is not performed and the tape ejected, even with new tapes after a "5 times in a row" cleaning cycle. I have run LTT and it seems the drive needs a re-calibration. Is it safe to proceed with it? Can I expect it will solve my problem?
I attach the ticket provided by the LTT.

Dave Dewar
Trusted Contributor

Re: Unwanted tape ejection on Surestore 24 - C1555D


I can't see any error rates listed in your logs but you do have a couple of write errors that do suggest that a recal might fix your issue. Yes it is safe to proceed with this.

You can do this from LTT. You appear to have the latest script versions and so you should already have the correct script.
From LTT, select Utilities and run script. Browse the script folder for a file called ddsWriteRecal.ssc. Run this script on your drive to recalibrate the read write head. This should fix your problem but is not always a 100% solution.


Dave Dewar