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Update Firmware for DLT 2/40

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Update Firmware for DLT 2/40

How to Update Firmware for DLT 2/40
Im update Firmware for drive dlt8000 use STM
how update firmware for each device in SureStore E ?
Stefan Saliba
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Re: Update Firmware for DLT 2/40

Check this out there are firmware bundles and some docs that might help

good luck

Michael Tully
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Re: Update Firmware for DLT 2/40


I have a Surestore E Tape library,
the tape drives are updated through
'stm' like any other drive. They are
still seen from the HP server as
SCSI devices, even through a FC
switch and FC/SCSI bridge in your
tape library.

If you intend updating firmware for
th tape library itself, it must be
done in a specific order. Get a HP
CE to do it. The first attempt by a
HP CE at our site resulted in the
system board being U/S. If they break
they fix so to speak!

The latest firmware for DLT8000 is V59

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
David Ruska
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Re: Update Firmware for DLT 2/40

The current library (i.e. autochanger) firmware for this product is 1.330 (as 12/2/2001). This firwmare can be updated by the customer using STM on HP-UX. The firwmare files are available in a 'firmware bundle' on the support website (if the previously mentioned URL does not work, from the top select Support, Automated Backup, , update software and drivers, and then firmware bundles). There is STM firmware bundle which includes the last two library and last two drive firmware versions. In STM, you can upgrade tape drive and library firmware without a password (downgrading requires a password).
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