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Upgrade LTO3 to LTO5 Library

Ing. Bernd Riegler
Valued Contributor

Upgrade LTO3 to LTO5 Library



I want to upgrade our MSL2024 LTO3 SCSI with a MSL2024 LTO5 SAS library.

It is connected to a DL380G4, which is stated by HP to be not supported by the LTO5 library.


I have connected the new library for testing to the already connected MSA-60 disk shelf and the server and the OS (Windows Server 2003) are seeing the tape drive, but not the library.


Has somebody such a configuration running or can advise a SAS-controller which is working?

We do not want to upgrade the server (now)...


Rajat Bhargava
Frequent Advisor

Re: Upgrade LTO3 to LTO5 Library

You could probably try upgrading the drivers to see if they work. If not I suggest you stay with the LTO3 drives.

Rajat Bhargava
StoreEver / StoreOnce