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Upgrade an Autoloader?

Norman Dignard
Regular Advisor

Upgrade an Autoloader?

We're looking at upgrading from SDLT to LTO.

Looking at the MSL2024 I noticed that it uses the SSL1016 Autoloader. Our current tape library is a SSL1016 SDLT 160/320. The spec's that I was on the autoloader saids it supports both the SDLT and Ultrium 960 drives.

In speaking with the sales rep he said that you can't swap out the drives and that the firmware is not compatible. Something just doesn't sound right with me.

Can someone tell me if what I'm proposing is doable? In trying to save some cash I though that we could by a 960 drive and swap the SDLt drive out of the Autoloader. If the existing firmware in the autoloader is not compatible, can it not be flashed?