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VS 80DLT error.

Brad Langford
Occasional Visitor

VS 80DLT error.

The info. Running Netware 5.1 SP 4. Running on a Dell Power edge 4400. Our back up software is CA Archserve 7. Adaptec AIC 78900 SCSI frimware revision 3E20. We are receiving the following message and CA has been no help. We've done what it asks and are still having the problem. Been going on for a few days now. Any thoughts.

The message.
Aug-09 02:33:37 TapeAlert information is reported by device 0
Aug-09 02:33:37 located at SCSIID-LUN=[03-00] on Board=[BOARD0]
Aug-09 02:33:37 E6940 CRITICAL
Aug-09 02:33:37 E6940 The tape drive has a hardware fault:
Aug-09 02:33:37 1. Turn the tape drive off and then on
Aug-09 02:33:37 2. Restart the operation.
Aug-09 02:33:37 3. If the problem persists, call the tape
Aug-09 02:33:37 supplier helpline.
Aug-09 02:33:37 Check the tape drive users manual for
Aug-09 02:33:37 specific instructions on turning the device
Aug-09 02:33:37 on and off
Aug-09 02:33:39 197 E1036 Failed to write data to media, Unrecoverable
data error
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: VS 80DLT error.


Seems to be a hardware problem of some sort.

Check the cable connections and terminators. This is only for completeness' sake however, cuz I fear that the problem is more likely to be from the tape drive itself.

Try to replace the tape cartidge and see whether you get the same problem.

If you still do, phone your support centre and tell them the problem. Most probably they will replace the drive if it is under warranty.

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Drs. Bov
Occasional Visitor

Re: VS 80DLT error.

To attach DLT VS 80 to 4400 Dell you need additional SCSI adapter see:
Of course the block size has to be set to 64K.

Re: VS 80DLT error.

I had a problem with the VS80 before. When I loaded tape from the slot to the drive manually, I was getting and error of some sort and the tape is automatically ejected. At first I thought that there was a problem with the drive. I've searched K-mine and all the documentation concerning this VS80 DLT and found out that if the tape was preformated or has been used on a DLT8000, then this tape cannot be used on the VS80 DLT. VS80 DLT has it's own way of formatting the tape. I tried using a blank DLT tape, HP brand and was able to initialize it and write some data on it.