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VS80 Autoloader corrupted firmware - no access

Keith hanna
Occasional Visitor

VS80 Autoloader corrupted firmware - no access

Hi, I've tried to update the firmware for this device to the latest, but half way through update, the software reported a failure and all the LEDS on the device front panel began to flash.

Rebooting the server does not detect the Autoloader, but does detect the tape section.
Rebooting the device makes do difference - you can hear the tape drive reset itself, but LED's continue to flash and is not detected by server.

OS is W2K SP3.

Any ideas would be appreciated!!
Jan Klier
Respected Contributor

Re: VS80 Autoloader corrupted firmware - no access

Can you be more specific on the model of the autoloader, as there are multiple products with VS80 drives.

I assume you performed the firmware update using HP L&TT? For some devices there are methods for recovering from a failed firmware update and where the device has become unresponse. But in order to find out if that can be done for your unit we need to understand the details a bit more.

You can also send a tool status report (can be generated from L&TT's help menu) to for analysis.