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VS80 and old cartridge used in DLT8000

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VS80 and old cartridge used in DLT8000

Hi We have a lot of used cartridge compaq tapeIV and the last week I have bought a new VS80 library with a drive unit DLT8000,

My question is .
What I have to do to used the used cartridges ,
my question is because when I insert the old one and load it send me a messages sayind that is a invalid tape.

However when I use the new one everything is OK , I have 500 old cartridge unit.

I am using data protector 5.1 as my backup software software.

Thank you
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: VS80 and old cartridge used in DLT8000


To write to DLT Type IV Data Cartridges previously written by a DLT 40, DLT 70, and/or DLT 80, each data cartridge must first be degaussed before usage with a DLT VS80 or DLT1 Tape Drive or device. For new, unused media, this step is not necessary.

See for instance the following url for more information about degaussing:

It will require extra hardware.

best regards,