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VS80 corrupts tapes on power fail

Bob Hallissy
Occasional Visitor

VS80 corrupts tapes on power fail

We've seen it twice now: with a tape loaded into the drive (and the drive idle), a loss of power made the tape unusable until it was reformatted.

Anyone else seen this? Any fix?

Obviously a UPS would help, but would it be possible to use the UPS signal to get the tape ejected? (Mac OS 10 running Retrospect backup)

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: VS80 corrupts tapes on power fail

For what I remember, all the DLT drives have to eject the cartridge before to shutdown the server or the cabinet (if external one) because when the cartridge is ejected some field on the directory of the tape are recorded.
When powering up the drive again, with this cartridge, the unit will took long time to inizialize, because he will recover the problem, and reconstruct this "directory", until this operation is not finished, the unit will remain in an inizializing mode, and may appear as not reading the cartridge.
Then I do not kwnow what happens if the backup application was writing data, and power go down, it also depend of the sw