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Re: Various errors with an MSL2024 + LTO5 Tape library


Various errors with an MSL2024 + LTO5 Tape library



as of late we are receiving the following errors:


Attention: Drive Warn or Crit Tape Alert flag

            Event Code:   0x84 - tape alert

            Element number:   0x15, 21

            Drive number:   0x01, 1

            Tape Alert Flag:   0x04, 4


Attention: Drive Cleaning request

            Event Code:   0x82 - cleaning request

            Drive number:   0x01, 1


Backups are failing - note that no changes were done to the infrastructure in question (both hardware and software) before these issues; to remidiate we tried the following:


Update library firmware

Update drive firmware

Replace backup media

Replace cleaning media


I'm attaching a support file generated using the MSL's web console maybe someone can decipher what is wrong.


PS - Drive is out of warranty and HP support was to say the least disappointing; all we want to know is what the heck is wrong with our MSL.





Mark Matthews
Respected Contributor

Re: Various errors with an MSL2024 + LTO5 Tape library

I havent looked at your log, but if you're getting lots of cleaning requests all the time then it sounds like the read / write heads in the drive / drives are getting worn.

Only option is to replace the drive(s) or tget new heads fitted.


(Not sure where you are but if in UK by my company have used DataNet before with good results...


Run an HP Tapetools test on it and try to get it to tell you "This drive is no longer recommended for use"

If its still under warranty, send the Tapetools logs to HP and they should replace the drive(s).

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