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Veritas Backups Topology

Kishor Raghavani
Occasional Advisor

Veritas Backups Topology


Ive got an issue with out netbackup topology. Currently we have one master server, 7 SAN media servers and have 7 clients all being backed up using Veritas Netbackup 4.5 FP 6. Currently we are undergoing a few major projects and as a result a number of new servers will need to be backed up. We have a MSL 6000, connected to the master server via a EVA 5000 SAN, we are looking to purcahse another one or two tape libraries but not sure if we should add them to our current master server.

We were thinking of adding 2 more Media severs and attaching the tape libraries directly onto them. Or alternatively we were thinking about adding another master server and attaching the tape libraries onto that. The only issues i have this is that im not sure how the databases would work. Would be have 2 separate database and 2 sets of separate catalogue tapes?

I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas!


Hoang Chi Cong_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Veritas Backups Topology

Hi K.
First, welcome when come to this forums.
You have just registered,haven't you?
OK. I have an idea:
I think you should seperate it.
because: If you seperate them, you can manage easily.
You can classify all server into two kind or depend on the function of each server.
You wonder have you got 2 separate database?
Of course.
If has any question, post as you want.

Goodluck to you.

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