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Veritas NetBackup using Shared STorage Option (SSO) for SAN Backups.

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Veritas NetBackup using Shared STorage Option (SSO) for SAN Backups.

We are currently setup using SSO on Veritas NetBackup 4.5 FP6 to backup servers over the SAN. We are getting a ton of HBA time-outs, which fortunately, aren’t hurting our backups but which I believe is related to how the devices are configured in the SAN.

Can anyone help me with specific Visio’s, schematic diagrams and so forth to answer the following questions:

1- What devices need to see what. In other words, do all the SSO media servers need to see the robot? Or is it just the Master server. The Master server is setup as the robot controller.
2- What should the zoning look like for the master server and also, for the media servers. In other words, in the Backup zone should I have the Master, the Tape Drives the Robot and the hosts? In the Hosts/Media Server zone, should I only have the host HBAs and the Tape Drives?
3- We are using the storageworks MDR. Does any one have a method to perform SSP so that only the Master server sees the robot?

We are running:

1-Windows 2000/2003.
2-We do not have dedicated Backup SAN. The data and tape go through the same HBAs.
3-HBA are a combo of new 2gb QLOGIC and 1 GB LP8000. We see the timeouts on both.
4-Netbackup 4.5 FP6.

What I would like to do is zone it to where the media servers don’t see the robot. Only the master server. But I’m not too sure that when using the SSO option, if the media servers need to control the robot. I can’t find any specific documentation that explains how this really works. There is a PDF on SSO administration, but it is not specific enough. Maybe hands on experience would be better.

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Re: Veritas NetBackup using Shared STorage Option (SSO) for SAN Backups.

I don't know about NetBackup, but I can tell you how I have my CommVault Galaxy setup with my SAN.

I have a MSL5030 tape library with the storage router card built-in. I have separate 'data' zones which have the host and storage array (single initiator zones), and separate backup zones that have the server and MSL. Since the MSL only has one fibre connection, I end up with three zones for each server. Two for data (one in each fabric) and a third for backup.

All hosts must see the robot/MSL in order to do tape management functions.
Claudio Ruzza_1
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Re: Veritas NetBackup using Shared STorage Option (SSO) for SAN Backups.

sorry for messing the order of your questions.

3- have a look at this thread:
I wrote how to create static maps with the mdr.

1-You're right, in your configuration your media servers do not need to see robotics. You can create two different maps, one including the robotics and all drives, and asociate it with master server; copy that map for every media server, and then delete the lun entry pointing to the robotics.

2- Switch zoning - best way to zone switches for tapes is to create a zone for every server including two switch ports only: the host port and the MDR port. You'll get as many zones as your media servers. What is really important is that in zones disks and tapes should not be mixed together

please remember to disable removable storage service in all you windows servers.

Hope this helps
Claudio Ruzza