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Very dissappointed

Occasional Advisor

Very dissappointed

I have been following this thread for a while now, hoping I would find the solution for my External 5GB drive.

Good Backup devices are very expensive.

I like the HP 5GB external drive very much and I can say I am very dissapointed that HP can not come up with a solution.

Next time I will buy something, I will think twice if it is a HP product, since I now have TWO devices that are not supoorted under XP:

HP Photosmart printer (first model)


HP 5GB External tape drive...

I now need to install my computer with a dual boot 98SE and XP to be able to use all my hardware...shame shame shame
- - - may the source be with you - - -
Patrick Kammermann
Occasional Advisor

Re: Very dissappointed

Sir, in all due respect, ...

First, the following document states that HP is looking into the issue in question(

Secondly, John Nash reported on September 19, 2002 that there was "some progress with fixing the external device issues" (see thread: HP response - Colorados and XP).

All lies??
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Re: Very dissappointed

I would like to apologise to Mr. Jochen for the previous post that was made. Sorry for having offended you.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Very dissappointed

First of all, Mr. Kammermann:

If I follow the link you posted, the following information is brought to my attention:

All the external Colorado Products listed below require the additional installation of an appropriate shuttle-port driver. However, while they do appear to have support within Windows XP, and will appear to backup correctly they will [b] not verify or restore any data.[/b]

This means, that the Backup Device is found, backups software, BUT cannot verify this nor restore it...rendering is useless to my opinion.

Second point: It was mentioned that John Nash has left HP...and NO progress has been reported since...

So please, do not tell me I am wrong...but provide us with usefull information...

- - - may the source be with you - - -
Honored Contributor

Re: Very dissappointed

"The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated." -- Mark Twain

I am still at HP but will be moving roles very shortly.

However, I hope to resolve this particular issue before I go. Please see this mornings post here:,,0x312fc4c76f92d611abdb0090277a778c,00.html


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Re: Very dissappointed

To HP personel trying to resolve this problem - well done guys, still trying to help.

To JK - Sir, HP are trying to help, I would not write as you have done without being absolutely sure that the problem is HP's.
Have you tried talking to Microsoft - no of course not, they won't help you.
Next time you buy something - check the hardware compatability lists.
Next time you write something - try to be nice.
Best Regards


PS Ditch XP not HP.
Patrick Kammermann
Occasional Advisor

Re: Very dissappointed


just a quick clarification: My message (see above) was not the answer to your posting. It was the answer to a message from a HP Rep which in the meantime has been deleted. The message from the HP Rep essentially stated that HP is currently not trying to resove the problem in question and never will. Luckly, John Nash has confirmed that this is not true (since he apprarently is working on it).

So, I'm not telling you that you are wrong. By no means - but I fully support your view.

Still, sorry for not being able to provide more useful information ...