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W2K3 ASR Restore Proble With HP Dat 72 Tape

Steve Heck_1

W2K3 ASR Restore Proble With HP Dat 72 Tape

I installed W2K3 Server Standard edition an a new Compaq Proliant 370 hardware with a HP Dat 72 Tape.

After the installation I installed the HP Dat 72 driver and made a ASR Backup. When I tried to make a ASR Restore the tape drive was not recognized. ASR Restore requires the W2K3 Server Standard edition install CD which doesn't have support for this tape drive.

Is there a way to install HP Dat 72 driver during the ASR restore procedure? How do I get ASR Restore to work with this non native supported tape drive?

Tina Karasch
Valued Contributor

Re: W2K3 ASR Restore Proble With HP Dat 72 Tape

i understand from what you are writing, that it reverted to a std dr restore of the os - are you trying the native busw ...?
then its no wonder and you need to the std istallation cd and need to add the drive during the instalation of w2k3.... then restore the data - lenghty process.....

-if by asr you mean obdr - then its very importent that the sw you use supports it, like tapeware 7, backup exec 9)
- that the scsi hba is one that is supported
and set up correctly
- that you created in the bu sw an image before running the full bu.

then when the hw (drive during boot)is set up correctly - the restore process should not be an issue - more info can be found on the following urls:

have fun
If U want to; let's get technical.... :P