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WS2003 SP1, STORport and MSL Problems

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WS2003 SP1, STORport and MSL Problems

I am building up a new SAN that has a MSL6030, two 4/32 switches, and 5 WS2003E SP1 servers. The HBAs are Emulex 9802 (don't remember the HP name) and I'm using the latest STORport drivers.

When I launch the latest version of the L&TT, it detects the two Ultrium 2 drives and the storage router. But it logs a win32 i/o error when trying to access the SCSI address of the MSL. If I change to the latest SCSIPort driver, the MSL6030 is detected.

In additionn to L&TT having problems with STORport, CommVault Galaxy also will not fully recognize the MSL6030 with the STORport drivers. It constantly shows the library as offline. But if I change to the SCSIport driver, it works just fine.

Prior to SP1 on other networks, STORport worked fine, except that L&TT would always hang during the initial I/O device scan.

Are there known problems with WS SP1 and STORPort?

BTW, all the firmware in the MSL is up to date, including the Ultriums and router.