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Wanted to Tradeoff DDS2 tape drive with DDS4

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Irfan Siddiqui
Occasional Contributor

Wanted to Tradeoff DDS2 tape drive with DDS4

Dear Admins,

We wanted to tradeoff our existing internal DDS2 tape drive with DDS4. Does anyone knows if there are places where we could tradeoff these DDS drives. All of them are currently in use on
K4XX servers.

Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Wanted to Tradeoff DDS2 tape drive with DDS4

Hello Irfan,

If with tradeoff you mean returning the DDS2 drives to HP and upgrade to DDS4 technology, I suggest you talk to a HP sales representative. he can asses your needs and come up with pricing information.

DDS4 drives are read compatible with DDS2.

best regards,

paul courry
Honored Contributor

Re: Wanted to Tradeoff DDS2 tape drive with DDS4

You might try selling them on ebay. Other than that I suggest that you either give them to the staff either as paperweights or for use in their home PC's.

However, I did hear that HP is again accepting donations for the HP memorial fish reef off Cupertino.

Seriously though, there has been some rumor that DDS4 is not completely compatible with the HP3000. Do a search on this forum and consider keeping one around for use as a backup in case you need to do a install from tape.
Dave Wherry
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Wanted to Tradeoff DDS2 tape drive with DDS4

HP has a trade-in promotion running right now. Go to this link:

It looks like you could get $150 for each of your old drives when trading in for a Desktop DDS4. I did not see internal DDS4 drives listed.

Check this link and then talk to HP. The way their earning are going they might be happy to swing any deal.