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What I need to do to configure lanfree/serverless backup?

Occasional Advisor

What I need to do to configure lanfree/serverless backup?


I need to configure lanfree/serverless backup in my SAN.
I have some ProLiant DL380G3 servers (with Windows 2000 AdvSrv and NetWare 6.5), connected to the Brocade SilkWorm 12000 FC switch. Also, I have the Eurologic SANbloc2 disk array and two MSL6062/FC tape libraries.
Some servers are connected to the disk array and corresponding LUNs. Fabric zoning and LUN mapping are already configured and all servers works properly.
My backup software is CA ArcServe 11.5 with all required options: SAN option, Tape Library Option, Serverless BAckup Option and Image OPtion.

What I need to configure on my SAN before I can start to use lanfree/serverless backup?
1) Zoning? Do I need to have the backup server, library and disk array in the same zone?
2) LUN mapping on the disk array? Do I need to configure mapping, so the backup server and the library must see all LUNs on the disk array?
3) FC router card in the library?
4) Something else?