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What do I need to make this work?

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What do I need to make this work?



Sorry HP is driving me nuts, they make it impossible to get support.


I have


1. Ultrium 6250 tape drive (brand new)

2. H222 host bus adaptor (brand new)

3. Assorted Proliant Microservers. (generation 7, few years old, bought new)


Will this combination work? If not, what must I do to make it work?


When I put the card in the server, it refuses to boot. Tried card in my PC, same story.


I can't download an updated BIOS for the Proliant servers because HP demands that I first buy a support contract.


Should the card not work in any standard PC with the required slot?


Can some kind soul please advise?


Thanks very much :-)


cheers, Ian