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What type of Scsi terminator do i need??

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

What type of Scsi terminator do i need??

Can anyone help me out please? I got a Compaq DLT35/70 drive
( not a library ) for which i'm in need of a scsi terminator
Currently the 35/70 is connected to my server and has another
DLT15/30 drive connected to it. I'dd love to disconnect the 15/30 drive
but the system keeps complaining that there's a problem with the terminator. I don't have a proper Compaq terminator so i tried one from
HP. And that doesn't work .
I'll add the reference numbers in here:
P/N: 30-60085-01
Comaq Spare: 242521-B21
The label also mentions the following 2 entries
Series 3306 & CX85200107 above a barcode.

Does anyone know what terminator i need??
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: What type of Scsi terminator do i need??

Sorry everyone , I forgot to mention it's an older model that doesn't
have the terminator dip switches on the back yet. The newer models
seem to have a terminator built in while this model doesn't have that yet.